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Fly-A-Ways History
Dale Lockhart
(President 1972)
Dale Lockhart was President of FAW in 1972. During his presidency, the flying field was at Ronler Acres. Today this is Intel property near Orenco Station. The club rented a number of home plots for a field. These plots were part of a land scam, all the lots were too small for a septic tank and no sewer was available. The property stood idle until purchased by Intel.

Dale started flying with a single channel radio. Equipment improved rapidly and he enjoyed pattern flying and competed in the semi-nationals in Spokane, Washington.

The club had 30-40 people. They would meet the ESI company for meetings. The meetings moved to the basement of the Sunset swimming pool near Sunset High School.

Jack Becker
(President 1991-1992)
"In '87, when I joined, the club met in the back of the hobby shop in downtown Hillsboro, the owners name was Wayne, this lasted for a while, I don't remember how long.

I took office in '91. We had that big jump in membership when the "rogue" fliers who used the street near Intel, I believe, got shut down and came to use our field. Membership went up to around 150 or so, as I recall, and we had a membership cap for a while. I'm sure you remember meeting a few times at one of the pubs in Beaverton, and then at the PGE building in Beaverton."

2009-2011 Re-Locate to North Plains

        Past Club Presidents
Name Year(s) Served
Dale Lockhart 1972
Carl Fetty 1973
Bob Brenner & David Fleming 1974
Ken Green & Glenn Van Ortwick  1975
Don Knowlton 1976
Robert Peschka 1977
Phil Bolen 1978
Norm Friedman 1979-80
Jim Roob 1981-82
Jan Anderson 1983
Robert Mark 1984-85
Jim Geddies 1986-87
Jim Roddy 1988
Tom Tucker 1989
Tom Honeycutt 1989
Kelly Cook 1989-90
Jack Becker  1991-92
Mike Rebsamen 1993-94
Hugh Christian 1995
Al Couch 1996
Wayne Thrall 1997-98
Rod Moore 1999
Rick Dunn 2000-2002
Hugh Christian 2003
Brett Hadley 2004-05
Tedd Traynor 2006
Scott Enochs 2007-2016