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Club Merchandise by Memorable Impressions

Fly-A-Ways club polos and jackets with embroidered club logo and T-shirts with ink-printed club logo are now available from Memorable Impressions. PDF info sheets as well as a link to interactively view the color options for each item are listed below. The jacket is available in one style. The polo comes in Men's sizes without or with a pocket, Women's sizes, and Youth sizes. Ordering info is in each PDF. Color choices vary with the style. T-shirts are available in many colors. Order directly from Rick Portune at Memorable Impressions. Prices listed on the info sheets can vary depending on order quantity and whether or not specific colored T-shirts are “in stock”. Check with Rick to confirm pricing.
Rick can also perform custom embroidery or custom ink-print on a variety of clothing items.

Memorable Impressions
1095 NE 25th Ave Unit A
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Call: Rick Portune at (503) 648-5557
E-mail: info@theimprintguy.com

     Club Jacket (PDF, color options)
     Club T-Shirt (PDF, color options)
     Men's Polo, No Pockets (PDF, color options)
     Men's Polo, Pockets (PDF, color options)
     Ladies' Polo (PDF, color options)
     Youth Polo (PDF, color options)

Fly-A-Ways Emporium at Cafe Press

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