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Becoming a Club Member
Fly-A-Ways R/C Club is primarily a fixed wing radio controlled airplane club. Our field layout was designed for this purpose. We do not encourage other types of R/C flying so please be aware of this prior to scheduling any visits to our field. We do have a helicopter hover pad. Helicopter forward flight must follow the rules set forth in the field manual. We do not allow any free flight, rocketry type missile launches or pyrotechnics.

All applicants must be Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members. You can not fly at the Fly-A-Ways RC Club if you do not have AMA License certification (AMA current year Card).

Before applying, you must also read and understand the Fly-A-Ways RC Club Bylaws, the Fly-A-Ways RC Club Field Manual & Training Guide and the current AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code.

Once you have read the above material, download, fill out and submit your application form and dues.  If you wish to apply before this is available, please fill out the application form and email to get instructions on where to mail the form and dues.
Current Membership Dues
Principal Member: New $90/ Renewal $70
Late Renewal $85

Family Member:
New $5/ Renewal $5
Youth Member: New $5/ Renewal $5

Important Documents
(Adobe PDF reader required)
Membership Application
Field Manual
Fly-A-Ways Bylaws
Training Guide
National Model Aircraft Safety Code
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