For Sale (9/28) Multiple Items

I am moving out of Oregon so I need to sell all of my airplanes.

1. Tiger Moth/1250mm wingspan bi-plane/Electric powered
$ 0 for airplane only
$ 70 including: motor, servo motors, propellers, 3pcs of 4 cell Lipo batteries (almost new less than 10 times use)

2. NOVA/1010mm wingspan shoulder wing plane/Electric powered
Made from Tettra Japan kit
$ 0 for airplane only
$ 40 including motor, servo motors, propellers

3. Cub/600mm wingspan/Electric powered
Made from Guilows kit
$ 0 including motor, ESC, micro servo motors, propellers

If you need, I have ESC, Rx, batteries, too.
I live in Hillsboro
I will move out end of October
Please send me e-mail if you are interested in (

Hitoshi Mizusugi